Black Banshee Studios, is a video game development studio founded in the year 2011, located in Winter Park, Florida. Black Banshee Studios develops and publishes ridiculously fun and interactive games on iOS, Android and Windows mobile platforms. Our aim is to fill the gaming markets with fun, innovative and immersive games. The studio is currently building its mobile gaming inventory and is in the process of developing games for both PC and Console.

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Dont Bleed is a first person multiplayer open world survival horror game where the goal is to survive and evacuate the infected island before the other stranded fifteen players. (In Development)



Forgotten is a story of day gone from bad to worse for the three guests who are stuck in a hotel until they figure out the horrors haunting them. (In Development)


Bacon combines SNES nostalgia with the magic of shades, beards, and a man’s love for greasy food. Players must balance managing their burger shop while fending off waves of angry gang members looking to pick a fight. (In Development)

Tiny Teeny

This is Simple mobile Twin-Birds game with simple controls, Tap on either sides of the screen to fly both the birds to the new distance. Collect coins and convert them to lives to revive the birds. Choose between 14 Bird skins and 10 environmental themes which will enhance the game play even more. Scoring system is based on meters, So its in your hands to take tiny teeny to the new distance.

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Sumo Sumo

Prepare yourself to fight against the world mightiest Sumo Wrestlers in this epic fighting game where as a Sumo you have to throw out of the ring your opponent, as you continuously fight against the computer or other player you will be unlocking new scenarios and Sumo fighters, master all the different game modes and rise to the ultimate challenge.

Google Play


Step in to the journey of a squangle and smash everything in your path. This challenging journey requires focus, concentration and timing to travel as far as you can. Beautiful Soundtrack, limitless colors and more.

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In Plain Sight

In Plain Sight is a First Person Shooter where the goal is to get the most kills all while remaining unseen. The player must make strategic and risky decisions based off the loadout they have been randomly assigned to at the start of a round. (In Development)


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